Double Diamond is a diagram developed by the UK Design Council, which shows the widening and the narrowing focus during the service design process.

Before a customer interacts with a product, a relationship starts to emerge. Expectations are set before the buying decision.

When the products get into the hands of customers, this relationship continues and needs to be maintained. This combination of product and service or the service itself, in the end, represents what the customer knows about your company. Service design is a method to develop a new or to improve an existing service offering.

Service design defines all the touchpoints that customers have during, before, and after the service delivery and integrates them with your business functions.

Option Duration
Basic Training 4 hours
Advanced Training (Exam + Certification) 2 days
Train the Trainer (Exam + Certification)* 2 days

*requires completion of Advanced Training

Learning Contents

  • How to create and improve services through service design?
  • How is corporate image managed through the service?
  • How does the focus narrow and widen during service design?
  • What are the properties and tools of service design?
  • How to make services more customer-oriented?