Efficiency – doing things right.

Effectiveness – doing the right things.

Goal – an envisaged and intended future state, an anticipated vision of the impact of actions.

R&D performance management is challenging because of the unpredictable nature of research and development activities.

A consistent process of planning, measuring, analyzing, and improving the activities of the R&D department contributes to the effective implementation of corporate strategy.

With the help of a 5-level model of R&D performance management, companies can connect the strategic, tactical, and operational levels of the company and create an optimal process structure where each level can be evaluated by key performance indicators (KPIs).

Option Duration
Basic Training 4 hours
Advanced Training (Exam + Certification) 2 days
Train the Trainer (Exam + Certification)* 2 days

*requires completion of the Advanced Training

Learning Contents

  • How an invention turns into an innovation?
  • How to define goals?
  • How to select appropriate KPIs?
  • How to measure performance?
  • How to implement Performance Management throughout the organization?
  • How to deal with the unpredictable nature of the research activities from the managerial point of view?