The postindustrial society is turning into a society of knowledge. Knowledge and other intangible assets constitute the largest part of market capitalization of many companies.

IP management is also important for monetizing inventions. Sales through licensing can become a major income source when IP is properly protected.

Intellectual property management aims to create and protect innovation and secure the company’ market position.

Nowadays, powerful technologies and an uneducated behavior in the IP sphere make it incredibly easy to copy companies’ inventions. With patenting and other forms of legal protection, IP management has to become a vital part of the corporate strategy that enables companies to sustain their competitive advantage.

In today’s world, IP management, along with technology and product/market strategies, helps to shape innovations within a company.

Understanding strategic aspects and the legal environment will enable you to successfully shape the IP management process and choose a strategy to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of real-life examples you will learn how to create a competitive IP portfolios and gain the most out of the existing knowledge base.

Option Duration
Basic Training 4 hours
Advanced Training (Exam + Certification) 2 days
Train the Trainer (Exam + Certification)* 2 days

*requires completion of Advanced Training

Learning Contents

  • What is intellectual property (IP)?
  • Why is it important to protect IP?
  • How does the process of IP management look like?
  • What forms of legal protection exist?
  • What is an IP strategy and what are its types?
  • What is an IP portfolio and how to manage it?