Trends are a new manifestation—in behaviours, attitudes, or expectations—of the fundamental needs or desires.

Trend management allows you to monitor and analyze local and global forces in society, as well as to predict developments in the medium and long term. The ultimate goal of trend management is to consider the organization as a whole, given its current position and future choices in the context of society.

Trend Example: “Artificial intelligence” is applied to machines that mimic cognitive functions of humans through “learning” and “problem solving”. The AI market will grow $11 bn by 2024, at the annual growth rate of 56%.

The development of future business opportunities aims to find, identify and analyze trends to align research potential with market opportunities.

In today’s “economy of expectations”, where the quality of products and services offered continuously increases, the ability of companies to create new opportunities becomes especially valuable. This helps companies to come to the forefront of innovation in products, services, and business models.

Trend management allows to define and analyze local and global changes in behaviors, attitudes, or expectations in society, as well as to predict the future developments.

Through development of their vision, companies can determine their desired state in the future, and develop alternative scenarios for their future development. The future vision allows to devise goals and plans for today.

Option Duration
Basic Training 4 hours
Advanced Training (Exam + Certification) 2 days
Train the Trainer (Exam + Certification)* 2 days

*requires completion of the Advanced Training

Learning Contents

  • What are current trends in society and technology?
  • Who are your future customers and what do they do?
  • How to identify, analyze, and manage trends?
  • How to develop a future vision and a strategy for continuously developing future business opportunities?
  • How to prepare for different scenarios and outcomes?