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For those, who look into the future

Forecasting, but not prophecy

Go through the 4 stages of trend management in practice

Module results – certain opportunities for business development


Module instructors – experts & practitioners

Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa
Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa
Founder of SAMSONOWA & Partners
Managing director at IPERF
CEO of OWN.space
Head of strategic research programs at SAP
Tatiana Bobrus
Tatiana Bobrus
CEO of SAMSONOWA & Partners
Lecturer from the industry at Graduate School of Management SPbU
Visiting lecturer at Innopolis University

Benefits of working with SAMSONOWA & Partners

Choose the best fitting format

Team workshop

  • 4 days 8 hours
  • 4-5 teams of 5 people
  • Offline / online project work
  • Preliminary user research
  • Invited experts
  • Personal action plan
  • Report with workshop results

Offline training

  • 2 days 8 hours
  • 4-5 teams of 5 people
  • Offline project work

Online training

  • 4 days 3 hours
  • 4-5 teams of 5 people
  • Online project work

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    Module participants testimonials

    Anna Pankova
    Anna PankovaCEO Brand Outpost
    «We live in a multidisciplinary world and feel the complex relationships of all disciplines, but education persistently continues the path of studying mono-disciplines, bringing us to desired success via long and winding roads. The project Converge stands aside – representing a revolution in business education. By combining design, technology and business into a coherent sequence of algorithms and templates, the creators of the course – Tatjana Samsonowa and Sebastian Denef – provide a unique toolkit for the effective transformation of ideas into business».
    Roman Gorbunov
    Roman GorbunovHead of civil engineering instrument development department of Shvabe
    «For me it was impressive! I believe that we need to implement this methodology in our enterprises. As for the program, I saw a lot of new things, I learned a lot of new things, and I experienced one of those points in life when my mind changes a little. I hope that we will have a new approach to developing products and a new approach in considering products created by others. Such workshops within Shvabe Holding would be very useful for specialists, and this would enable us to develop new products and, consequently, earn more money».

    Frequently asked questions

    What to do if we do not know which product to create?2021-09-17T13:37:06+00:00

    Each team goes through a stage at which it is necessary to decide what to create. There are different approaches, and we want to offer you a user-centered approach. This means that instead of first creating a product and then pushing it to the market, we immediately work on a solution together with the user. Together we will figure out what kind of product customers need and test the prototype of the idea with real users.

    Should we use innovative methodologies in a conservative industry?2021-09-17T13:37:31+00:00

    There is room for innovation in every industry without exception. In progressive industries, it may be easier to apply design thinking or agile development, but in a conservative industry, implementing such methodologies will be much more beneficial. If you have conservative competitors, small performance improvements can easily make you stand out. In addition, a fresh look at daily operations can inspire you to enter a new market or a new client.

    Why can’t we create a product ourselves?2021-09-17T13:37:56+00:00

    Of course you can, and you should! But sometimes companies have difficulty coming up with a new product for the market. This is where the design thinking methodology comes in, helping to create the product that the client really wants. Together we will go through the stages of design thinking and develop a product concept that will ensure your success in the market. You can read more about design thinking here.

    Have some questions? We will help!

    Olga Ignatyeva
    Olga Ignatyeva
    Business development specialist at SAMSONOWA & Partners
    Project manager at IPERF
    Visiting lecturer at Innopolis University and Graduate School of management

    Email: oi@nullsamsonowa.com
    Tel.: +7 962 703 38 54

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