In the era of open innovation, competitive advantage is a complicated notion. It is gained through the collaboration of a network of partners, or an ecosystem.

Open innovation is the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively.”

– Henry Chesbrough

Today, the majority of companies cannot innovate on their own; they heavily rely on their ecosystems to create innovations. Since partners and customers are the main sources of innovation, relationships that companies build with them are highly important.

Customer relationship management integrates internal processes with external networks to deliver value to customers, while partner relationship management supports this process through the establishment of a network of collaborators and development of an ecosystem. They are based on customer- and partner-related data and are supported by information technology. The focus is on creating value for customers, partners, and the company in the long term.

Collaboration with customers, partners, and academia creates and maintains long-term relationships with stakeholders to create competitive advantage over rival firms and cut costs.

Option Duration
Basic Training 4 hours
Advanced Training (Exam + Certification) 2 days
Train the Trainer (Exam + Certification)* 2 days

*requires completion of the Advanced Training

Learning Contents

  • What is open innovation?
  • How to maintain long-lasting relationships with partners and customers?
  • What is customer relationship management (CRM)?
  • What is partner relationship management (PRM) and how is it different from CRM?
  • How to form partnerships?
  • How to collaborate with academia?