We provide consulting and educational services
along the entire innovation chain.

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Training Types

  • Basic Training: Our basic training provides a first introduction into the topic, lasting 4 hours. The focus is on awareness of the core concepts.
  • Advanced Training: Our advanced training provides comprehensive material and lasts 2-3 days. In a number of practical exercises, students learn how to apply new processes to their work. Additionally, the advanced training includes homework facilitated by our experts, where students are required to apply the new methods in a real project.
  • Train the Trainer: For people who have successfully completed the advanced training, we offer a special 2-day train the trainer seminar, in which they learn how to introduce the concepts to their colleagues.

Training Contents

  • Examples: Best practice examples from a range of industries.
  • Theory: Introduction of fundamental concepts and their relevance.
  • Practice: Templates for practical application in daily work.


  • Work Experience: Our trainers have many years of experience in R&D.
  • International: Our trainers have international working experience in leading high-tech and R&D organizations.
  • Teaching Experience: The classes of our trainers have been top rated by students for the engaging learning experience.
  • Student Interaction: Every class builds on the active engagement with students to connect new material with daily routines and problems.