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Webinars #Инновации_с_умом

Webinars #Инновации_с_умом from SAMSONOWA & Partners bring together a community of practitioners-innovators. Tatjana Samsonowa meets with corporate representatives, business owners and experts to learn about the backstage of innovation: the work process, mistakes and successes. Join the #Инновации_с_умом community and learn how to introduce new approaches to work, what difficulties are [...]

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Workshop “Future Technologies for Smart Hospital” for the Shvabe Holding and the Almazov National Medical Research Centre

In February 2020 SAMSONOWA & Partners held a "Future Technologies for Smart Hospital" workshop for the Shvabe Holding and the Almazov National Medical Research Centre. The goal of the workshop was to create the concepts of technological solutions for a smart hospital and roadmaps for their development and implementation at the Almazov Centre. Apart [...]

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External event «#Genstalks Germany» for STLC accelerator

IPERF Institute together with SAMSONOWA & Partners took part in an external event «#Genstalks Germany» in Stuttgart as a participant and a partner. This event was organised within the acceleration program for STLC, run by RVC and GenerationS. The 2-day program included experience exchange with German transportation companies and a pitch-session with innovative startups. [...]

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External module in Berlin on the topic “Managing technological innovations” for EMBA program participants from GSOM SPBU

SAMSONOWA & Partners organised external educational module in Berlin for EMBA program participants from Graduate School of Management SPBU. The program devoted to managing technological innovations consisted of lectures from experts and practitioners,  visits to Fraunhofer Institute, WeWork, Berlin Partner, and cultural program, including startup meetups, car museum and cooking class.  Bye the end [...]

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Development of the digital technologies projects for “2050.DIGITAL” Group

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a cycle of trainings for top managers of “2050.DIGITAL” Group. The business trainers consulted employees on the strategic development of the digital technologies projects. Within the training employees received practical skills on measuring performance of an R&D department, product management and creative methodologies of design thinking and service design. As [...]

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Workshop on developing new products for Holding “Shvabe”

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a workshop on the design thinking methodology for representatives of the Shvabe holding, aiming at creating concepts for breakthrough products in the field of elderly care. The workshop program included lectures by experts from Charité, Europe's largest medical university, presentations by startups developing technological solutions in the field of supporting [...]

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Strategic development of technological startup Clover Group

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a cycle of trainings on the strategic management of innovations for top managers of a startup in the field of predictive analytics, Clover Group. WIthin the training, business trainers consulted students on the strategic issues of formulating the vision and goals of the company, forming a value proposition for clients [...]

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Innovative educational project RUSNANO

At the request of Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO, IPERF, International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management, together with SAMSONOWA & Partners and Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, developed a new educational project “Convergence of technology, design and business”. The owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses [...]

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Transformation of R&D processes in the Kalashnikov Group

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a complete transformation of R&D processes in the Kalashnikov Group. Top management along with specialists from R&D, manufacturing and marketing participated in the annual cycle of training, covering all 12 elements of the innovation chain, and implemented their own projects from the stage of idea creation to the market rollout [...]

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