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Research of educational initiatives in the field of innovation for SberUniversity

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a study of the best practices among state educational initiatives on the topic of innovation. As part of a joint project with SberUniversity, the team collected and analyzed 55 educational programs in countries, leaders in innovative development.  During the study, experts identified key insights on the goals of state educational [...]

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German expertise for educational programs of the SberUniversity

SAMSONOWA & Partners collaborate with SberUniversity and help to attract European expertise in the field of innovation. Within the cooperation, SAMSONOWA & Partners organized keynote presentations of the digitalization experts from Germany in an educational program for the management of regional banks. Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa Founder [...]

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Strategic Session “Healthcare of the future” for RUSNANO

SAMSONOWA & Partners organized and conducted an international strategic session “Healthcare of the Future” in cooperation with RUSNANO and Almazov National Medical Research Centre before the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The strategic session was moderated by Tatiana Bobrus, the CEO of SAMSONOWA & Partners. The strategic session was attended by a RUSNANO delegation [...]

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Market research of bioresonanse equipment for an innovative project

SAMSONOWA & Partners helped the manufacturer of high-tech solutions analyze the bioresonance equipment market. As part of the study, the team identified the current technology opportunities, prospects, and risks of market development, and key companies in the industry. SAMSONOWA & Partners used an integrated approach to market research: studying open information from secondary sources, [...]

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Strategic Session “Product development” for Engy Health

SAMSONOWA & Partners organized and facilitated a strategic session for the mobile health service Engy Health. During the session, the Engy Health team analyzed the current product, target audience and determined what the value proposition will be based on. SAMSONOWA & Partners used design thinking tools and value proposition theory to facilitate the strategic [...]

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Strategic Session “Developing Smart Hospital Solutions” for Almazov Centre

SAMSONOWA & Partners organized and moderated a strategic session on developing solutions for a smart hospital on February 26-27, 2021 in St. Petersburg. The representatives of the Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Consortium "Medical Equipment", Shvabe Holding, MIPT and SPbPU took part in the event. This strategic session was organized to define a program [...]

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Educational module “Management of technological innovations” for students of the EMBA program GSOM SPbU

SAMSONOWA & Partners organized and held an educational module for students of the EMBA program of the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University. The program, dedicated to managing technological innovation, included lectures by experts from Germany and a visit to the Almazov Centre, where doctors and practitioners from the healthcare sector spoke [...]

Bayer IT-department Global Training

SAMSONOWA & Partners, in cooperation with the IPERF Institute, held comprehensive training for IT specialists of the international pharmaceutical company Bayer. The program, dedicated to the creation of innovations in the corporation, is aimed at obtaining practical skills in design thinking, service design and technology transfer methodologies. As a result of a three-month online [...]

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Educational program in Germany “INNOVATIVE CITY MANAGEMENT: SMART CITY”

SAMSONOWA & Partners have developed an educational program on the topic “Smart City” in cooperation with the Sberbank Corporate University and the international research institute IPERF (International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management). The goal of the program is to share German experience and best practices for smart city management to the city [...]

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Hyperspectral imaging market research for 2050.digital

SAMSONOWA & Partners helped high-tech solutions maker “2050.digital” analyze the hyperspectral imaging technology market. As part of the study, the team identified key companies in the market, current technology opportunities and existing cases of hyperspectral imaging. SAMSONOWA & Partners used an integrated approach to market research: research of open information from secondary sources, patent [...]

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