How does Design Thinking help in creating technologies for firefighters?

Blank It is widely known that design thinking methodology helps to create solutions that meet user needs. From the practical experience SAMSONOWA & Partners knows about the advantages of design thinking and claims that the approach is universal. In order to convince our readers, we want to share one extreme case: how [...]

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Emotion Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities for Business

Today, many people have heard about Artificial Intelligence. However, only a few know about Affective Computing or Emotion Artificial Intelligence. What does this concept mean, how does it work and why is it important for each of us? Let 's figure it out together. Blank Emotion Artificial Intelligence [...]

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Our Experience with the Business Model Canvas

Original article in English: Tatjana Samsonowa, 6.12.2017, In today’s world, the speed of innovation has increased dramatically, and business planning requires an agile tool that allows to easily think and model the complexity of a business. More popular than any other tool for this task is the business model canvas (BMC) by Alexander [...]

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How to Boost R&D Performance by 300%—12 Ingredients for Innovation Success

Managing innovation is a complex task. Many things need to go right before an idea born in a research lab finds market success. On this way there are many open questions for the ambitious innovation manager: How to measure performance and ensure the return of investments in research and development? Which input is producing [...]

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