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Christopher Grant Black Founder & Managing Partner at New Order Design Studio S.L. UK, France, Spain Lydia Samsonowa Owner & Creative Director BENTEN8, UX-Consultancy Russia, France, Germany Aleksandra Shalakitskaia R&D manager at SAMSONOWA & Partners Prepared and conducted the interview Russia, Austria, UK [...]

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What is the power of a story?

People tell stories from ancient times, using different tools. At first there were drawings on stones, then words, intonations, and gestures appeared. Stories are everywhere: we tell them to our friends, read them in books, watch them in movies. We love stories, we remember them, and we want to share them with others. Today [...]

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Study the past, observe the present, shape the future

Blank The further we look into the future, the more difficult it is to predict it and prepare for it. But its uncertainty and variability are what makes it so interesting for us. Which technologies will become popular? Which industries will continue to develop, and which will completely transform? How do [...]

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Never too early and never too late to study

Blank The “learn first then work” approach is long gone. Companies now understand that investment in employee training pays off in the long run. Why is corporate training becoming a business priority? What modern educational tools and approaches are used in the international market? How to create an environment where learning [...]

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Open for innovation

Blank Nowadays, probably every company has heard about innovations and has tried to introduce them. Innovations have become a huge part of our lives. However, with constant development even innovative ideas and approaches become obsolete. Therefore, we need to develop approaches to working with innovations, developing and implementing them. We should [...]

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Artificial Intelligence does not fit standardized approaches: Why don’t popular innovative methods work?

Blank The community of innovators widely accepted  three principles of creating a successful product: user orientation, prototype testing and agile development. The methodologies of design thinking and lean startup brought these approaches up to the level of the “industry standard”. Today, every product team is involved in close interaction with users during the [...]

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Civic Tech: How technologies bring society and government together?

Blank How can technologies be used not only in business, but also for interaction between the state and its citizens? Сivic tech concept can help city authorities better understand citizens’ needs and solve their local problems. Government and society Nowadays, when technologies are widespread, authorities are starting to use them to [...]

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How does Design Thinking help in creating technologies for firefighters?

Blank It is widely known that design thinking methodology helps to create solutions that meet user needs. From the practical experience SAMSONOWA & Partners knows about the advantages of design thinking and claims that the approach is universal. In order to convince our readers, we want to share one extreme case: how [...]

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Emotion Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities for Business

Today, many people have heard about Artificial Intelligence. However, only a few know about Affective Computing or Emotion Artificial Intelligence. What does this concept mean, how does it work and why is it important for each of us? Let 's figure it out together. Blank Emotion Artificial Intelligence [...]

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