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Project Assistant at SAMSONOWA & Partners

Research of educational initiatives in the field of innovation for SberUniversity

SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a study of the best practices among state educational initiatives on the topic of innovation. As part of a joint project with SberUniversity, the team collected and analyzed 55 educational programs in countries, leaders in innovative development.  During the study, experts identified key insights on the goals of state educational [...]

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Past Newsletters (available in Russian only)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Октябрь 2021: "R&D процессы: как управлять неуправляемым?" Сентябрь 2021: "Аутсорсинг - недооцененный ресурс для бизнеса" Август 2021: "Осознанность [...]

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German expertise for educational programs of the SberUniversity

SAMSONOWA & Partners collaborate with SberUniversity and help to attract European expertise in the field of innovation. Within the cooperation, SAMSONOWA & Partners organized keynote presentations of the digitalization experts from Germany in an educational program for the management of regional banks. Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa Founder [...]

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Teladoc Health and Livongo

American healthcare companies Teladoc Health and Livongo merged in October 2020. This allowed them to start developing a platform that combines telemedicine and chronic disease treatment approaches. The platform can process large amounts of data using artificial intelligence algorithms. It includes the full path of patients, thus creating a new virtual medical experience for them.

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Google Cloud and Amwell

In August 2020 Google Cloud and American telemedicine provider Amwell announced a strategic partnership that will apply Google's artificial intelligence and data analytics capabilities to Amwell's telemedicine offerings. The companies are working together now to create a remote healthcare platform that will make it easier for patients and doctors to navigate and go through the [...]

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ROKIT Healthcare, South Korea

ROKIT HEALTHCARE is a biotech company in the field of regenerative medicine. The company uses treatment methods based on the principles of biological 3D and 4D printing, as well as the use of autologous stem cells to regenerate and restore the functions of human tissues and organs. These methods are widely applied in the field [...]

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Allevi, USA

Allevi provides tools and solutions for the design, engineering, and construction of organic life. The main development of the company is an organic 3D printer that allows you to print multicellular tissues easily and quickly, embed the vascular network in thick tissues, print tools for complex organ geometries, and much more. Such printers can be [...]

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Advanced Solutions, USA

BioAssemblyBot is an intelligent robot used in science and applied medicine to create 3D biological structures. This robot can produce living tissues more consistently than ever before and then analyze them. BioAssemblyBot integrates smoothly with laboratory equipment. It is already used in a variety of industries, including drug development, tissue therapy, biomaterial development, and precision [...]

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