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R&D outsourcing: an opportunity or a threat?

The outsourcing concept is well established in the modern corporate world. We all know that such functions as finance or marketing can, and even should, be given to external professionals. However, with the R&D function things are more complicated. Many people consider R&D to be the heart of the company. But how can you [...]

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Human-centered medicine

Blank As we all know, a good product or service begins with user research, with understanding the desires and needs of the future users. The user-oriented approach has long been at the heart of the development of new products. However, like any other approach, it evolves through time. Thus, now we are talking [...]

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HR – more than just human resources

A good team is a vital element when working, whether in a big organization or a small startup. Any idea or project begins with a person, or rather when the right people meet at the right moment, which leads to a fruitful discussion. Therefore, human resources are one of the most crucial resources for [...]

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What is the power of a story?

People tell stories from ancient times, using different tools. At first there were drawings on stones, then words, intonations, and gestures appeared. Stories are everywhere: we tell them to our friends, read them in books, watch them in movies. We love stories, we remember them, and we want to share them with others. Today [...]

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Emotion Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities for Business

Today, many people have heard about Artificial Intelligence. However, only a few know about Affective Computing or Emotion Artificial Intelligence. What does this concept mean, how does it work and why is it important for each of us? Let 's figure it out together. Blank Emotion Artificial Intelligence [...]

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