After spending her childhood in Russia, Tatjana Samsonowa moved to Germany. She studied international Management in Germany and Mexico and began working for software giant SAP. Following her passion for technology and innovation made her soon work for SAP’s research department.

As a direct report to the vice president of SAP research, she was responsible for the strategic collaboration between SAP research and Intel, IBM, Cisco, HP, Microsoft and Fraunhofer Society. She supervised an internationally distributed team working from India, South Africa, North Ireland, Israel and Germany.

In this role, she learned about the complexity of managing research and development departments, and decided to take on this challenge. She completed her PhD on research performance management with Technical University Darmstadt.

Tatjana left SAP to found IPERF, the International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management. Following an invitation to teach at the Graduate School of Management (GSOM) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, she revived her Russian ties, and soon after became associate professor at GSOM, Russia’s #1 business school.

Initial projects in Russia made obvious the demand for consulting and training to improve efficiency and effectiveness in research and development, as companies face the challenge to increase their innovative capabilities. She realized that with her background, experience and knowledge, she could support companies in becoming competitive and innovative on global markets. With some of the most talented people in her network, Tatjana formed a team and founded SAMSONOWA & Partners.

Today, SAMSONOWA & Partners consults Russian market leaders and newcomers in achieving competitive advantage.