SAMSONOWA & Partners collaborate with SberUniversity and help to attract European expertise in the field of innovation. Within the cooperation, SAMSONOWA & Partners organized keynote presentations of the digitalization experts from Germany in an educational program for the management of regional banks.

Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa
Founder at SAMSONOWA & Partners, CEO at OWN GmbH, Vice Chairman at IPERF

Dr. Tatiana Samsonova spoke at the joint program of SberUniversity and Insead Digital Strategy dedicated to digital transformation. Tatiana presented a report to industry practitioners on the topic “Innovation Management: turning ideas to real products”

Dr. Lutz Heuser
Chief Technology Officer at Urban Software Institute

Dr. Lutz Heuser, an expert in the creation and development of smart cities, made a presentation “Innovative technologies for smart cities and smart regions”.
He identified the key challenges in urban development, presented a model for working with big data, and shared his personal experience.

Sven Jungman
Chief Medical Officer and Equity Partner at FoundersLane

Sven Jungman, MedTech expert and partner at Foundslane, presented a keynote “Trends and challenges in healthcare innovation and digital healthcare”. He shared topical issues in the field of modern medicine, spoke about the difficulties of introducing smart hospital technologies and ways to solve them.