SAMSONOWA & Partners organized and conducted an international strategic session “Healthcare of the Future” in cooperation with RUSNANO and Almazov National Medical Research Centre before the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The strategic session was moderated by Tatiana Bobrus, the CEO of SAMSONOWA & Partners.

The strategic session was attended by a RUSNANO delegation led by Sergey Kulikov, Chairman of the RUSNANO Management Board, representatives of the Almazov Centre, led by the General Director of the Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto, Northwest Center for Technology Transfer, ITMO, SPbPU and ETU “LETI” universities, manufacturers and developers of medical equipment and products General Electric, PM & HM and Pharmster, pharmaceutical and biomedical companies Pharmаsyntez, NovaMedica, BIOCAD, High-Tech Center “Chemrar” and Immunotechnologies, diagnostic companies Genotek and Gemakor, investment and venture companies MedInvestGroup and KSI Ventures.

In the first part of the strategic session, the General Director of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto presented to the delegates the possibilities of the National Medical Research Center, where the diagnostic and therapeutic units, scientific laboratories and institutes are located. He also introduced the participants to the Centre for Personalized Medicine and the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

In the second part of the strategic session, renowned world experts in the field of healthcare delivered keynotes on the main trends and challenges in healthcare, promising medical technologies, scientific developments and initiatives. Dr. Tatjana Samsonowa, founder of SAMSONOWA & Partners, presented the vision for the healthcare development in the world.

At the end of the strategic session, a number of agreements were signed. RUSNANO and Almazov Centre agreed to work together on the following areas: modular solutions for a “smart hospital”, gene therapy, innovative pharmaceuticals, biomedical cell products, “Home to Hospital” and “Hospital to Home” technologies. Also RUSNANO and MedInvestGroup signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in the implementation of high-tech projects in healthcare.