SAMSONOWA & Partners have developed an educational program on the topic “Smart City” in cooperation with the Sberbank Corporate University and the international research institute IPERF (International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management).

The goal of the program is to share German experience and best practices for smart city management to the city government teams and to develop a roadmap for introducing smart city solutions.

The 4-day program takes place in Berlin and includes:

  • Expert keynotes on smart city development,
  • Visits and excursions to government agencies and private organizations involved in innovative urban management (including technology parks and startups),
  • Practical sessions with a moderator to discuss and prepare a roadmap for introducing the smart city concept.

The program covers 4 major tracks

30 speakers: politicians, businessmen, scientists

Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser
Prof. Dr. Lutz HeuserChief technology officer at Urban Institute, Frankfurt
Dr.-Ing. Alanus von Radecki
Dr.-Ing. Alanus von RadeckiHead of Urban Governance Innovation Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart
Christian Treichel
Christian Treichel Project manager international Berlin Partner, Berlin
PD Dr. Nils Lahman, MSE
PD Dr. Nils Lahman, MSEDeputy Director for Research in Geriatrics Charité, Berlin