SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a cycle of trainings for top managers of “2050.DIGITAL” Group. The business trainers consulted employees on the strategic development of the digital technologies projects. Within the training employees received practical skills on measuring performance of an R&D department, product management and creative methodologies of design thinking and service design.

As a result of the 4-month interaction the teams have developed strategies for 3 products, which will be a part of innovations portfolio of the company. The teams have come up with the ideas for the product, addressing the needs of the users, created business models and MVPs and formulated services, setting 2050.DIGITAL apart from the competition.

Sergey Mikhailov, Industry Solutions Department Chief

“During the training we worked on a project of our own platform based on distributed registries, which has already passed 6 iterations, each time changing more and more. With each iteration we see the future solution more clear, more accurately determine end users and core value, and change the product accordingly. Specifically for our project, the most useful module was “Technology transfer”, because it allowed us to develop and repeatedly reconsider the business model, gave us an understanding of future MVP and the way of further project development.”

Alexander Reshetnikov, Head of Development and Integration of IoT Digital Solutions Department

“During the training my team and I worked out a product and service for implementing production management systems, using the proposed tools of “Technology Transfer” and then “Service Design”. Although most of the issues that were raised during the modules somehow arose in our previous discussions, the tools themselves, their design and structure were new. We will definitely use them in other projects. For each project, maybe even for every stage, we can select those tools that are most useful at this moment. I am planning to choose some tools that are needed in my current project, introduce them to project team and set aside a special time in our schedule for their use and development.”