SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a cycle of trainings on the strategic management of innovations for top managers of a startup in the field of predictive analytics, Clover Group. WIthin the training, business trainers consulted students on the strategic issues of formulating the vision and goals of the company, forming a value proposition for clients and protecting intellectual property.

For Clover Group, the result of the 4-month interaction was the development of a strategy for the Russian and international markets, which the management team was able to revisit while studying the various elements of the innovation chain. Also, the startup has come to change the paradigm of managing the processes from project management, requiring adjustment of the product to the needs of the client, to product management.


Denis Kasimov, Chief Executive Officer

“What I most appreciated about the course was the transfer of practical, oral and written materials. Each phrase in the materials is filtered and verified. Therefore, the student needs to understand the meaning and think over each phrase. I consider the possibility of rapid application of knowledge, the opportunity of transformation and uniting the team to be the most valuable outcome”.

Denis Lisin, Chief Operating Officer

“Thank you! On our own, we would not be able to get such a result – a strategy of Clover Group, in such a time frame – 4 months. I find practical cases and tasks, tools for creating a product and the ability to clearly structure the company’s problems to be the most valuable aspects of the training. I am already applying and sharing with my colleagues the knowledge gained about the 5-level model, design thinking, templates for creating a product”.

Rafael Idrisov, Chief Financial Officer

“Most of all I liked in the course the interactivity and consolidation of the knowledge gained. The most valuable information was the understanding that the product should be managed. I learned the principles of generating ideas and plan to share them with my colleagues”.

Ekaterina Pepelyaeva, Head of HR

“Most of all I value human and informal approach, along with sufficient rigour and attention to detail throughout the training. We received ideas and practical tips that we can apply right now. I liked the templates (excellent tools for solving urgent problems), teamwork, practical development of technology and feedback. Thank you, I hope, we will work together in the future!”

Alexey Moiseev, Head of Strategy Marketing Department

“The training by SA&P “From ideas to products: performance-driven innovation management” delivers knowledge and experience restructuring, aligns new vision along with modern entrepreneurship. Really necessary training for those startup managers, who wants to always be on the edge, or at least one step ahead of others”.

Joao Andre Cardoso, Account Executive

“The course has been well conducted! Right away it struck me as quite interactive and engaging. Worth to mention as well that this training compels you to question your current approach and look for ways to enhance your potential and skills. Tatjana draws your attention, keeps the energy levels up and ensures that everybody is engaged!”

Saniya Zakirova, Chief Legal Officer

“This course was very helpful for me, in particular, and for the company Clover Group, in general, we understood where to go and how to achieve our goals. Especially I liked Intellectual Property and Product Management modules. We appreciate individual approach in training and overall empathy to our problems and questions”.