At the request of Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs RUSNANO, IPERF, International Institute for Research Performance and Innovation Management, together with SAMSONOWA & Partners and Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University, developed a new educational project “Convergence of technology, design and business”.

The owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses in St. Petersburg have already been trained as part of this innovative educational program. As a result, students learned how to create new ideas based on innovative technologies and turn them into products and services in demand on the market.

Anna Pankova, CEO Brand Outpost

“We live in a multidisciplinary world and feel the complex relationships of all disciplines, but education persistently continues the path of studying mono-disciplines, bringing us to desired success via long and winding roads. The project Converge stands aside – representing a revolution in business education. By combining design, technology and business into a coherent sequence of algorithms and templates, the creators of the course – Tatjana Samsonowa and Sebastian Denef – provide a unique toolkit for the effective transformation of ideas into business. The tandem of Tatjana and Sebastian – along with the massive experience of the team of professors of the Graduate School of Management – allows each project participant to spark the creative fire and the desire for knowledge and to learn to control it throughout the journey of turning an idea into an effective working business”.

Philipp Zhuchkov, Director of the group of companies “Altair”

“I want to express my gratitude to the creators and organizers of this training program for the modern strategic approach to modelling business processes, with which the cycle from abstract idea to the creation of a specific roadmap for development, promotion and market roll-out of the products is reduced to a few hours. The trainers of the courses, Tatjana Samsonowa and Sebastian Denef, have the ability to transform the complexity of business processes into an easy-to-understand sequence of actions, therefore the creation of business models, their testing and development of the minimum viable products (MVP) become real and doable. The simplicity and usefulness of this methodology allow to apply it to such innovative and breakthrough projects, as our project E-Veche, and for already working in real context manufacturers. I emphasize that our team, without delays, immediately after the module applied this model to our existing construction enterprise, creating hazardous production facilities, which opened up new development prospects and growth points for us and pointed out the mistakes and weaknesses”.

Vladimir Zubarev, Director of marketing, promotion and advertising for company “Optosens”

“When I decided to participate in the project, I was interested in understanding what new and effective approaches to managing innovations can come to Russia from world leaders in this field – SAP, Fraunhofer, etc., that is, not theoretical contributions, but cases and techniques from experts who apply them in their daily work. For the most part, my expectations were met”.

Yulia Plakutschaya, Digital marketing manager at Freudenberg household products Eastern Europe (brand Vileda Professional)

“A structured and informative approach to turning an idea into a finished product based on understanding the user’s needs and allowing yourself to find the best possible solution – is what distinguishes this course from similar ones. The optimally selected set of modern techniques and tools provides an opportunity to apply them in practice while working on real projects in the shortest possible timeframe and at minimal cost”.

Tatiana Lyubovskaya, Chief expert of the department of educational projects and programs of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO)

“Congratulations to the participants and the team of the project “Convergence of technology, design and business” with its successful completion! The principles underlying this project are in line with the policies of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs in the field of education, including the involvement of the widest possible audience in the development of promising competencies in key technologies. “Convergence …” is an interdisciplinary project, with a large amount of practical work, which required a significant investment of time and effort from all its participants, but it is in this practical orientation where the value of the project lies. The positive feedback from the participants allows us to hope that the practical experience in translating ideas into business that they have gained during their studies will find application in their activities and will open up new perspectives for the development of business. It is also important that the training took place in the format of team work on projects, which allowed students from different companies and even industries to exchange experience. Undoubtedly, the project has a high potential for replicability, especially given the fact that its key components – a modular structure and interdisciplinarity – allow us to design educational programs at various levels on its basis. I wish the project a long and successful life!”