SAMSONOWA & Partners specialize in innovation management for research and development.

We support our customers through consulting and training.

We focus on the innovation lifecycle, including trend management and foresight methods, design thinking and ideation techniques, portfolio intellectual property management, technology transfer processes, agile development, product management and service design.

Research and development is part of our DNA, and we keep pushing the boundaries of knowledge in innovation management.

Today, the ability to innovate is of vital importance. The accelerating speed of technology development and technology adoption produces radical change. New services render traditional business models obsolete. The only way for companies to stay ahead in the digitized world, to win in globalized markets, is to have world class research and development.

Our goal is to make your company a global champion.

Throughout the entire innovation lifecycle, we ensure that your research and development thrives on the most effective and efficient processes.


If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are an international team based in Berlin, Germany, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.