SAMSONOWA & Partners conducted a complete transformation of R&D processes in the Kalashnikov Group. Top management along with specialists from R&D, manufacturing and marketing participated in the annual cycle of training, covering all 12 elements of the innovation chain, and implemented their own projects from the stage of idea creation to the market rollout of the finished product.

The most significant results of the R&D process transformation program were the introduction of a trend tracking system, a patent application process and a business modelling process. As a result of applying the methodology of design thinking and agile development, the company managed to cut the time of product development by half and bring new customer-oriented products to the market.


Vladimir Pakhomov, Advisor to the general director for scientific and technological development of the Kalashnikov Group

“We were able to achieve excellent results in the development, significantly reducing its timeframe and finding non-standard creative solutions for new products. We decided to spread this knowledge and experience within the company and, with the help of SA&P, prepared six corporate trainers who can now pass on R&D expertise to their colleagues. Working in cross-functional teams and new methods for creating products is what will allow us to quickly produce truly high-quality innovative products”.

Konstantin Sermyagin, Deputy chief designer for science, Head of the research department of the Kalashnikov Group

“I am confident that modern approaches in managing project in new product development, with the participation of cross-functional teams, will help to significantly shorten the time frame for completing projects and to introduce to the market higher-quality products that meet all the requirements of the Customer in a timely manner. Our team managed to cut the development time of creating prototype models and prototypes by half in a number of projects, by using acquired knowledge and skills”.